Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40
  • Air ProLeupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40
  • Air ProLeupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40
  • Air ProLeupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40

Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40

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Product Description

Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40

About Leupold & Stevens, Inc.(Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40)

We’re 700 American craftsmen making innovative, battle-proven optics for the world’s most relentless hunters and shooters. You won’t outlast us. You can’t outperform us. Our products are renowned for their rugged reliability, elite optical performance, and lifetime guarantee. More than a century of engineering, manufacturing, and optical experience goes into every product that bears our name; the results are unrivaled.


Know Your Scope(Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40)

 Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40

1 Objective Lens

2 Windage Adjustment (opposite side of scope)

3 Elevation Adjustment

4 Power Selector Ring

5 Eyepiece Lock Ring

6 Ocular Lens

7 Eyepiece

8 Side Focus Adjustment


CAUTION(Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40)

Always check and be certain that the firearm is unloaded before working on it.


Installing the base, rings, and scope

Please refer to the instructions included with the base and rings for proper installation.


ESTABLISHING EYE RELIEF(Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40)

For safety, Leupold strongly recommends that you mount your scope as far forward as possible. Beyond that, follow these steps:

1. With the scope mounted as far forward as possible, hold the rifle in your normal shooting position. (Variable power scopes should be set at the highest magnification for this process.)

2. Slowly move the scope to the rear until you can see a full field-of-view.

3. Position your scope here for maximum eye relief.


COMPLETING THE INSTALLATION(Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40)

1. Without disturbing the optimal eye relief position, rotate the scope until the elevation adjustment dial is at the top of the scope.

2. From a firing position, check to be sure that the vertical hair of the reticle aligns with the vertical axis of the firearm. Use of a leveling kit is highly recommended.

3. Tighten the ring screws evenly and securely.


FOCUSING THE RETICLE(Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40)

Secure the scope and firearm in a firm rest. Safely point the scope at a light colored background.

1. If the eyepiece has a lockring, grasp the eyepiece with your hand and rotate counterclockwise until the lock is loose.

2. Look through the scope while pointed at a light colored background. Look away every so often to relax your eye between focus checks. Rotate the eyepiece and recheck focus until the reticle is sharp.

3. If your eyepiece has a lockring, retighten the lockring against the eyepiece.


SIGHTING IN(Leupold Cross Riflescopes 3.5-10x40)

Begin by bore-sighting your firearm. Then head to the range for final sight-in on a target. To ensure reliable results, always fire from a rested position when performing these steps.

NOTE: Bore-sighting alone is not sufficient to sight-in a scope. You must make final adjustments by shooting the firearm using the same ammunition you use in the field.


We devoted ourselves to Riflescope many year, covering whole USA and the Europe market, and expect to be become your long term partner in China. Promise that easy installation, we leave all accessories well for you already.



Q:Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A:We have our own factory ,and specialized in riflescopes and accessories.


Q:How can I track the whole shipping process?

A:Tracking number will be provided  after shipping, and will updated by our message.


Q:Do you Provide Samples?

A:Yes. Samples are available, Further details please contact with me. 


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