Best New Riflescopes for Hunting and Shooting from the 2020 SHOT Show


The latest optical sights are more advanced than ever, with illuminated reticles, 8x zoom, built-in drop compensation, and more

With the exploding popularity of long-range and competition shooting, rifles have gone through a transformation in the last several years—and riflescopes have had to keep up. That they have done, and then some. With more power, precision reticles, illumination, and target-style turrets, today’s top optical sights are as transformed the rifles they sit one. Virtually every new scope for 2020 has exposed turrets for precise on-the-fly adjustment, and reticles seemingly so complicated that you can get lost in them if you’re not careful. There are still a couple nods to the past for us traditional-minded hunters, but by and large, the latest optics look toward the future.