Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44
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Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44

We devoted ourselves to Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 many years, covering whole USA and the Europe market, and expect to be become your long term partner in China on such Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44. Promise that easy installation, we leave all accessories well for you already.

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Product Description

Project:Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44

Models:RN4164BF1, RN4164BF2, RN4164BS1, RN4164BS3, RN4164GS1

Reticle:Multiple options, etched glass


We devoted ourselves to Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 many years, covering whole USA and the Europe market, and expect to be become your long term partner in China on such Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44. Promise that easy installation, we leave all accessories well for you already.

About Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 Product Description

A versatile magnification range for a variety of applications with a large 44mm objective.

Exclusive EXO Barrier Protection - Bushnell’s newest and best protective lens coating molecularly bonds to the glass, repelling water, oil, dust, debris and preventing scratches.

IPX7 Waterproof construction - O-ring sealed optics stay dry inside, when immersed in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Ultra-wide Band Coating - Anti-reflection coating applied to both lenses and prisms, for the best possible light transmission.

Specification of Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44









3.6IN / 91.4MM

13.9IN / 353.1MM

23.0OZ / 652G


KEY ELEMENTS OF Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44

There are four major elements of Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44:

1. Objective Lens: This lens has three functions.

First, it permits light to pass into the scope.

Second, it determines resolution.

Generally, larger lenses allow more light to enter the scope and resolve details better than smaller ones.

Finally, it forms an image for the other lenses to magnify to a usable size. The image formed by this lens is upside down.

2. Erector System: The erector system serves three functions. Its primary function is to erect the image (that is, flips the image right-side up) and align it to the reticle. During this process, primary magnification of the image takes place. These two functions are the result of lens action.

Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44

The third function is a mechanical one. The erector lenses are housed in a tube that is fixed at one end, while the other end of the tube is free to move and respond to dial adjustments. By moving the erector system, the point-of-aim of the Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 is adjusted to match the point-of-impact of the bullet.

3. Reticle: In simple terms, the aiming device around which the Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 is built. This element replaces the iron sight system of non-scoped rifles.

4. Ocular or Eye Lens: This element provides the secondary and final magnification of the image.

Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 BORE SIGHTING METHOD

Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44

1. Place a target at 25 to 50 yards.

2. Remove the bolt from the Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44.

3. Place the Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 on sandbags or a shooting rest.

4. Set the scope to its lowest magnification.

5. Peer through the bore from the receiver and adjust the position of the Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 to center the target bull’s eye in the bore (Fig. A).

6. Without moving the rifle, look into the scope and note the

position of the reticle on the target. On models with capped

elevations and windage adjustments, remove the caps. Adjust

the windage and elevation adjustments to center the reticle on

the bull’s eye (Fig. B).

CARING FOR YOUR Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44

Your Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 needs very little maintenance. Exterior metal surfaces should be kept clean. A light dusting with a slightly dampened soft cloth is enough in most cases.

Your new Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 features windage and elevation turrets that are completely sealed against water intrusion. However, we recommend that you keep the windage and elevation caps on the turrets (models with capped adjustments only), except when making adjustments, to prevent dust and dirt from collecting in the turret area.

We also recommend that lens covers be kept in place when the Nitro Riflescopes-4-16x44 is not being used. Lenses should be inspected regularly and kept clean at all times. Dust, dirt, and fingerprints that collect on the lens surfaces will severely degrade image quality, and if left unclean for long periods, the anti-reflection coating could be damaged. Although lens cleaning is not difficult, it does require care and some patience.

• Start with a lens brush or a small, soft bristle paintbrush. Gently whisk away loose dirt particles.

• Next, use an ear syringe or bulb aspirator (available in most drug stores) to blow remaining dirt or dust from lens surfaces.

• If further cleaning is needed, use a dry, soft lint-free cloth. Very gently wipe the lens, starting at the center using a circular motion, then working outward to the edge.

• If this has not corrected the problem repeat the process using condensation from your breath.

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